I had previously ran a WordPress site that hosted a few Unity game examples I made using WebGL builds that could be tested through a web browser. Being a bit of a data hoarder, I still had the WordPress database laying around and recently recovered it along with some old content within. Though these are outdated and no longer being worked on, they are neat to look back on. Not only are the Unity builds found below old, but the writing is identical to the posts I made back in 2017. For this reason, though I’m writing this short explanation now in 2020, this post is dated according to the original post date.


I have been experimenting with various forms of programming, one of which is scripting in Unity 5. As my first project I created, or rather followed along creating, the Roll-A-Ball game! If you would like to create a game like this, you can follow the exact same tutorial I did at the Unity Official Website.This is a really basic version, I plan on expanding on it by adding a UI, more levels, and tweaks to the way controlling the sphere feels. This currently only works on PC in Firefox and Chrome. I am running Windows 10, I have not tried to run this on any other system or OS, but I don’t foresee a problem other then browser (in)compatibility with WebGL. For more about WebGL browser compatibility, check out Unity WebGL Browser Compatibility. If you want to check out the Sphere game, see the link below.

Control the sphere to collect all the cubes - WASD to move. Real winners escape the map.

Sphere WebGL

First Person GL

This ended up being more fun then anything. The little bit of scripting involved was for the first person & camera controllers. After that, it was all me playing with unity’s Terrain Editor. I always loved the create-a-level mode in any game that offered it. I never found an editor that I was happy with, I always wanted more, to be able to create a level more custom then a collage of the prefabs given to me. This isn’t a game, this is a first person controller, and a map that will gladly allow you to walk off the edge into oblivion. WASD to move, Space to jump, Shift to run at warp speeds, ESC to reactivate your mouse cursor. If you’re having trouble getting your cursor back, just ALT+TAB out. You can check out this example below.

Basic FP character script in Unity - WASD to move, SHIFT for super speed, and hold space to bounce. Vertical look rotation is not clamped, I’ll trust you won’t break your neck.

First Person WebGL